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Uncle Frank

    Uncle Frank is a lovely comedy/drama, a perfect fit for a relaxing weekend watch. It’s a simple story about an adult gay man dealing with the lack of acceptance from his father and his family. Paul Bettany brings a stelar performance, supported by the extremely charming Sophia Lillis as his young niece and the magnificent and hilarious Peter Macdissi as his gay partner. While there are some funny scenes in the beginning, the movie handles some serious topics and is more of a drama towards the end and might tear you up. It is a touching representation of the struggles of gay people from different nationalities and how individual freedom can be suppressed by religion, prejudice and racism. It is ridiculous that even today there are countries where LGBTQ people are being prosecuted for who they want to be. It’s a cry against established norms, be it by governments, religion or other forms of imaginary human enterprise and the actors do a wonderful job of fostering empathy for the characters and making you laugh and cry at the same time. Enjoy!