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Blood of Zeus

    The new animation series from Netflix is bold, brutal and beautiful. It is loosely based on greek mythology and while it does not follow any particular story, is inspired and contains a lot of elements from many of them. The two main characters are completely made up, but share similarities to ancient heroes. This allows the creators to remix characters and stories from mythology, while providing them enough creative freedom to forge new stories and relationships. The animation style is similar to Castlevania (also from the same creators), there are many bloody scenes. If you are not a fan of animated violence, you should skip this one.

    There is an epic scene in the first episode of the series, where the history of the fight between Gods and Titans is portrayed – each frame can be easily printed and framed as a poster for your wall. What really impressed me was the sound design and the soundtrack – the orchestral theme is on point, adding to the tension in every scene. The sound engineers have done a wonderful job of using silence to build anticipation and help individual sounds stand out. A good pair of headphones is really recommended here – you won’t be sorry.

    The story itself is good, with more or less expected twists along the way. There are a few surprises and most of the main plot points build up the drama and add to the motivation of the characters. It is definitely not the best animated story I have even seen, but it provides enough filling to keep you interested. Looking forward to season 2!