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Delirium Selection 1


    The new movie from David Fincher, premiering today on NETFLIX is most likely going to be one of the OSCAR frontrunners and is definitely a must watch. It stars Gary Oldman as Mank (Herman J. Mankiewicz) – the screenplay writer behind Citizen Kane and follows his story of a writing the script of the movie. I recommend watching Citizen Kane before watching this one, just to get all the references.


    The last Christopher Nolan movie came out in summer and tried to revitalize cinemas. It wasn’t exactly successful, but at least it gave us the chance to go back to cinemas… and get a massive headache. Now it’s rolling out around the world (15th of December) and if you look, you might already be able to find it. The story is pretty messy, combining a spy, hostage, heist and a time travel movie in one. Like Nolan movies, audiovisual design is on point with some amazing stunt sequences. Ludwig Göransson (The Mandalorian) is responsible for the soundtrack and does a great job, adding to the tension and always keeping the viewer stressed. Overall it’s not the best Nolan movie, but it’s worth a watch. You might not understand it the first time and that’s okay – we also didn’t. At least you will be part of the cultural Zeitgeist and that’s already something!

    Hazel Brugger – Tropical

    If you are looking for something dumb and funny – this standup comedy special will surely make you laugh. Yes, I know what you’re thinking about germans and humour, but hear me out – it is actually pretty good. Not all jokes are great, but a few of them land hard and make it worth it.


    A relaxing coop game for local or remote play, recommended especially for couples. You can get it for free as part of the XBOX PASS subscription or buy it on any store. From what I’ve seen the game has a good story, a lot of exploration, resource gathering and a simple turn based combat system.