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On The Rocks

    Where to watch: Apple TV+

    Time: 97 min

    On the rocks is the new movie from Sofia Coppola (Lost in Translation), starring Bill Murray (you know who Bill Murray is!) and Rashida Jones (Parks and Recreation). The story is simple and predictable – a young mother is suspicious that her husband might be having an affair and teams up with her dad to investigate. The value here is in the portrayal of the bond between daughter and father.

    Bill Murray’s character is a spontaneous, elegant gentleman, way past his prime, but bursting with charisma. He drives an old sports car, knows every good bar in New York and can’t help himself flirting with every woman he meets. His daughter is a loving mother, struggling to find her creative flow as a writer, afraid that her prime days are over and she is only getting older. Together they rediscover their relationship, end up in some funny situations and learn from their mistakes.

    I loved the chemistry between the actors and dreamed of some day being as charming of an old man as Bill Murray can be. The movie is far from the heart-wrenching classic that Lost in Translation is, but still offers a few melancholic moments and good laughs along the way. It goes well with red wine and some cheese, if you want to set the right mood.