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Seaspiracy and My Octopus Teacher

    Happy Earth Day everyone! If you wonder what to watch to celebrate, I definitely recommend you to see these two documentaries on Netflix!


    Seaspiracy is made by the creator of Cowspiracy and is similar in style and substance. It’s about the overfishing and pollution of the ocean. While we know that’s a huge problem, the documentary does a good job in showing how far the problem has developed and reveals a few different perspectives on the issue. I’ve read some controversy about it’s portrayal of facts and push for veganism, but since I’m not an expert, I can’t really judge the content. The documentary is very interesting, but also scary and will probably ruin your mood and make you feel helpless.

    I know how you feel sometimes – there’s nothing you can personally do, it’s all up to the governments and big corporations. While that’s true and the biggest impact will come from the higher levels, a population that demands that change and contributes their own little share can come a long way. I think it’s still our moral obligation to do our best to reduce our personal impact on the environment. For example simply eating less meat, riding your bike instead of your car, making sure you don’t throw away food, buying less clothes and electronics can already have a huge impact if everyone started doing it. Even if it all fails and life on our planet dies out, at least you would know that you tried.

    My Octopus Teacher

    While Seaspiracy directly focuses on the problem at hand, My Octopus Teacher shows a man’s friendship with a tiny octopus. The creator of the documentary decides to hang out with the octopus every day and slowly becomes part of its environment. He is completely immersed in this new world and truly becomes a member of this strange world. It’s really well shot and directed and will totally make you feel like you are a part of the world of the tiny octopus, together with the film’s director. I was also extremely impressed how long he is able to hold his breath! It’s a heartwarming story about feeling a part of nature and I’m certain some of you might tear up at the end.