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Boss Level

    It’s basically Groundhog Day meets video games, spiced up with a lot of jokes and graphic violence. If you are looking for a fun action comedy that doesn’t take itself seriously and succeeds by just having a good flow – this is the movie to watch.

    The protagonist is stuck in an endless loop, caused by some sort of a particle accelerator that can potentially change the course of history. He is constantly being murdered by a group of assassins and once he dies, everything restarts and he has to relive the same day over and over again. He dies in a variety of entertaining ways and has to figure out why and how all of this started happening.

    The movie takes the basic concept of Groundhog Day and the Edge of Tomorrow and extracts the pure fun out of it with, combining it with many hilarious death scenes and some decent drama. Editing is very good, CGI is low budget and “video-gamey,” there are some good stunts and gun/sword fights. Frank Grillo delivers a good performance as the protagonist, aided by an always cool Mel Gibson and the lovely Naomi Watts. 

    The movie is fun, go watch it!